How to deal with change? Just go for it!

“You just have to accept that there will always be change. And that change is coming much faster than it did when I started my career over thirty years ago. Don’t fight it, just go for it and jump.” Anne has change written all over her long career at ING. From cashier to Compliance Officer for Know Your Customer.

What does a compliance officer do?

“Risk and compliance are critical for our organisation. We support the business in implementing controls and being compliant with the many regulations the financial sector has to follow. But we are not just gatekeepers.

Following a risk-based approach, we always explain to colleagues why we do this, what the impact would be if we didn’t comply with the rules. It makes it so much easier to get them on board. Guiding, coaching and advising people gives me a lot of energy.”

And what is Know Your Customer (KYC)?

“The banks are more and more under scrutiny and have to be very strict in the way of interacting with clients. Therefore, we have to screen them along their banking lifecycle. Are they trustworthy, do they have a history of money laundering, are there any offshore constructions? You look for things that might be suspicious. It can be quite complex but that makes it interesting too.”

Do you have a level of freedom in your role?

“Of course we have to follow regulations. But we can be creative in how we implement them and bring our own view to the table. There is always room for interpretation. We discuss a lot before we come to a conclusion and proposal, in close collaboration with other departments like Legal, Tax and Risk.

Jobs in which people rely on you for advice are good for the brain. It keeps you on your edge, especially when our world and regulations change all the time. It’s a mindset. You also involve other colleagues in the process and that really fits with the person I am.”

Have you always worked in compliance?

“I’ve been at the bank for more than thirty years. I started working in a commercial branch, then e-channels, Risk, Audit, IT, and Fraud. And every new role was linked to what I did in the previous one. I have always been eager to learn new things and with every new role I widen my view.

The common thread has always been guiding and coaching. As a people manager but also now as an advisor. I believe in a participative style. That means I ask my team for input, we share and discuss ideas. It takes time but it pays off in the end. People are feeling more satisfied this way.”

What’s your advice to young people?

“Jump! Don’t be shy when going out of your comfort zone. Be flexible and embrace change. And connect with the people you meet. You will learn a lot and broaden your horizons. Even when it’s hard, there is always a solution and you can rely on experienced colleagues who are eager to help you. Especially at ING. ”

About Anne

  • Has a Master degree in Work Sciences (ULB).
  • Started at BBL (now ING) 33 years ago.
  • Loves change, meeting new people, learning new things.
  • Adopted two kids from China.
  • Van Halen’s Jump is her favourite energizing song.
  • Enjoys scrapbooking and crafting stories in a visual way.
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