Risk & Compliance

Safe, secure and compliant: our top priorities at ING

As a bank we have a big responsibility to our customers. We need to make sure that we earn the trust millions of people give us every day. That’s where our audit and legal experts come in. They monitor risks and evaluate our systems. They also help us make the right legal and financial decisions. And our colleagues from Risk Management? They ensure that we never put the trust of our customers on the line. That’s how we keep our organization safe, secure and compliant.


Our audit experts dig into a variety of end-to-end processes across the bank. Not only are they responsible for internal audits, they also monitor risks and evaluate controls on complex issues. Their job can directly influence the company’s results and the relationship with our professional customers. In other words: our audit colleagues play a vital part at ING.

Legal, Tax & Compliance

The work of our compliance colleagues covers each and every part of ING. They keep an eye on our customers and the way we conduct our business. We operate in an ever-changing banking environment which brings new legal challenges every day. The perfect fit for our legal experts who enjoy offering tailor-made advice.

Risk Management

Banking and risk management: you can’t have one without the other. You have to retain your professional integrity all day, every day. That’s why our risk managers work hard to analyse situations, give advice and communicate with customers and colleagues in a range of different risk expertise areas (credit risk management, market risk management, operational risk management, model risk management and compliance risk management). Will you help us make decisions regarding which risks we can afford to take?

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