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Environmentally aware and socially engaged

At ING, we ensure that our own operational impact on the environment and people is being made responsibly. We make sure that our employees are treated well and that neither we nor our suppliers trespass on human rights.
As a global bank, we can do more. We want to help create a healthy planet with prosperous people. A planet free from the threat of the climate crisis. People with basic human rights, decent work, good labour conditions and, ultimately, good financial health.
For us, it goes without saying that we must shoulder our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable society. Discover the many ways ING Belgium contributes to a more sustainable future.

King Baudouin Foundation

In collaboration with the King Baudouin Foundation, we provide financial support every year to social projects that contribute to a circular economy, digital inclusion and financial education. In 2020, we also donated more than half a million euros to the Solidarity Care Fund set up with the King Baudouin Foundation to support hospitals and residential care facilities.


In partnership with Time4society , each year more than 1,000 ING employees donate a day of their time to local social organisations through our ING Volunteering Days initiative.

Close the Gap

Alongside Close the Gap, ING supports the development of a circular economy by giving a second life to hundreds of old laptops, monitors and other pieces of IT equipment each year. While this is mainly in African and Asian countries, some is also sold to ING employees or donated to local associations, such as Digital For Youth in 2020.


At ING, we regularly update our position in relation to financing, such as the sectors we exclude (for example, the production of animal fur, cosmetic testing on animals, nuclear weapons and rainforest deforestation) and what we expect from our customers in terms of respect for human rights and the environment. In our annual report, as well as details of financial performance, you’ll find information on our environmental and social impact throughout our value chain. This transparency has been rewarded by rating agencies, including Sustainalitics and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which rank ING among the most sustainable banks in the world.

Our environmental impact

Sustainability also means reducing your environmental footprint. Therefore, we’re reducing ING’s energy consumption and waste by improving recycling processes, optimising our rainwater consumption, favouring working from home and using more environmentally friendly means of transport.

Da’s Geniaal/ C’est Génial

Together with seventeen other companies and organizations, ING is supporting Da’s Geniaal / C’est Génial, a Belgian initiative to inspire more young people and especially girls between 10 and 14 years old about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). We are part of this coalition because we believe that young and diverse talent is needed to solve today's and tomorrow's societal challenges.

Discover the Da’s Geniaal/C’est Génial organization and ING’s contributions:

Jolien talks about cybersecurity

Rosalie is showing TikTokkers Nour & Fatma how to code HTML

ING Belgium's results in numbers

  • 56% reduction in CO2 emissions between 2014 and 2020
  • 60% reduction in non-recyclable waste between 2014 and 2020
  • 100% of ING’s electricity is derived from local and renewable resources
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