Starter jobs

Starter jobs

At ING there are opportunities for everyone. Do you want to dive with your head first into an exciting career at an international bank? Look no further: ING has a lot to offer, so you can make your first steps into the financial world. As a Customer Loyalty Team member or Customer Coach, you will learn all the commercial, operational and technical skills you need to get ahead.

Customer Loyalty Team member

Our customers have questions. You have the answers. As a Customer Loyalty Team member, you get to know what banking is about. Every day is different. And you move from operational to more technical challenges, and even get a taste of commercial work. Does one domain suit you better than the others? Then the doors are open to move into a more specialized position at ING.

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Customer Coach

You are the key figure of the branch. You welcome customers, give them advise and direct them to the right expert. As a Customer Coach, you are also our digital ambassador, by helping customers with all things mobile. You’ll discover the world of banking, with its different financial disciplines and rules. And as you learn and develop your skills, you may grow into a specialist role yourself.

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