Client Services from the home office!

In these extraordinary times, everyone can use a listening ear. Luckily, Noémie and her colleagues at Client Services are always ready to offer theirs. They try to find a solution for every problem!

How has your job changed over the past few weeks?

We get a lot more worried phone calls than we used to. Especially in the beginning, we got a lot of calls from customers who were concerned about their loans or investments. What I try to do is listen very carefully and to show our customers that we’re always there for them. Then I explain in great detail what options ING has to help them out. That reassures people.

Our clients are also more active on social media. We get more messages and reactions to our posts. People are more irritated than usual, but most of the time it’s less about ING and more about the situation. We’re always ready to react in a reassuring way.

Do you like working from home?

It’s been quite the adjustment for us, because our team has never worked from home before. In a week's time everything was put in order to make it possible. It’s all running smoothly and I must admit that not having other people around makes it easier to focus sometimes, but I miss my colleagues a lot. When all this is over, I might consider working from home once a month, but I certainly prefer the atmosphere at the office!

How do you keep in touch with colleagues?

We check-in daily to see who’s doing what. I also Skype or call my colleagues during the day to consult on stuff. I never feel lonely, because my colleagues are always there for me, even from a distance and even if it’s just for a little chat to lift my spirits. The fact that my colleagues and clients are counting on me too, that’s what really drives me these days!

The fact that my colleagues and clients are counting on me too, that’s what really drives me these days!

How do you keep busy outside of work?

My main hobby is traveling, so I’ve really had to look for other things to do the past few weeks. Now I cook and read a lot. If I can’t travel, at least I can prepare myself extra thoroughly for my next trip. I hope I will be able to go to Bali in September!

What are you looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to surrounding myself with friends, colleagues and family again. I remain optimistic and concentrate on the fact that the measures will become more flexible soon.

About Noémie

  • She has been at ING as a Customer Loyalty Team member for 3 years
  • She has a degree in marketing
  • She loves traveling, going to the movies and eating out
  • She has a soft spot for Italy because of the atmosphere, people and great food
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