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An internship or a student job: learn everything about banking and much, much more

Experiencing and learning: That’s what a student job is all about. An internship takes this one step further. You get to know lots of people, build up your network and become introduced to corporate life. And even more important: how you fit into this life. All of this will prepare you in your further career.

Shadow dancing with the CEO

Shadow dancing with the CEO

Are you a trainee and would you like to tag along with the big boss for a day? Nothing could be more fascinating! The only question is: for which one of you? Trainee Maaike grasped the opportunity offered her and discovered what it was like to be CEO Erik.

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ICSBEL - Internships - What to do after graduation?

What to do after graduation?

Have you thought about what you will do after you graduate? Perhaps our International Talent Programmes are just the ticket.

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