Working with products, services and cutting edge technology

Working with products, services and cutting edge technology

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At ING the IT, operations, product management, and the marketing communications divisions all join forces to create the very best in user experience. On a single platform, used by millions of customers every day to make their banking and financial decisions. A big bank with a start-up mentality.

From devising the ideal customer journey to launching the most convenient tools and applications. All of this takes place in an agile environment with ‘squads’ and ‘tribes’, where you are at liberty to set your own goals and decide independently how you will reach them. And where ideas and actions are more important than job levels. Is this something for you?

Information Technology (IT)

ING is ahead of the game with regard to IT. This is only self-evident for the largest online bank in Europe. Thousands of co-workers and millions of customers all over the world rely on our technology and systems for convenient and secure banking. Therefore, they also rely on top-class IT engineers like you.

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Marketing communications

A strong brand with a firm foothold in society. Top-of-the-line products and services in a fascinating financial and digital landscape. It goes without saying that you, as a marketing or communication professional, can find your calling at ING. From building awareness of ING’s brand to putting new products into the market and communicating with major stakeholders… Rest assured, you’ll join a centre of expertise with impact on millions of consumers, hundreds of thousands of business enterprises and thousands of employees.

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Product and Project management

New products, features, upgrades, and more: as a Product manager you manage everything, from start to finish. End-to-end. Do you like organising better? As a Project manager you ensure that every internal and external project runs smoothly.

Become a Customer Journey Expert

1-1 Analytics

Within Data & Analytics your intellectual curiosity is strongly encouraged, there are no limits to your analytical creativity and the opportunities to look beyond the horizon of banking are boundless. Internally, our analytical capabilities are stretched to the highest level by leveraging different areas of expertise within the bank. Cross-functional teams are continuously working to pioneer and optimise reliable data solutions – with our customers’ interests top of mind at all times.

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