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Chapter lead, Product owner, Customer Journey Expert, what’s in a name? Meet the faces behind the job titles, find out what they do and follow them around in their new agile environments (360°).

Disclaimer: To view the video, click on the play button and navigate on screen by dragging the arrows. Optimal 360° quality requires a Google Chrome browser

ING Tech & Customer Journey Expert: What’s in a name?

Inventing the digital future for our customers and providing them with the best possible experience, anytime and anywhere. Find out more about the ING Tech culture and what a Customer Journey Expert (CJE) does exactly.

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David Follen

David is a proficient Java engineer at ING Tech. Want a sneak peek into our engineering culture? Follow David around during a team workshop and while he prepares for a conference keynote.

Mariana Lupascu

Mariana is a specialist Customer Journey Expert for “Know Your Customer” due diligence. Follow her around to find out more about the Obeya room, a key concept in the agile way of working.

Padmaja Mahapatra

Padmaja is a true woman in tech! She works as a chapter lead engineer in the Payments Team at ING Wholesale Banking. Follow her around to see how coding for millions of clients requires global team work. 

Virginie Doutrepont

As a product owner Virginie manages the backlog of the Digital Assistant squad in the Tribe Daily Banking. Follow her at the daily stand up meeting to get a grasp of how your day starts, working ‘agile’ at ING as a Customer Journey Expert. 

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