Diversity at ING

At ING we are committed to diversity and inclusion. Not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because it’s essential for the delivery of our strategy. 

In order to stay a step ahead, we need teams with a healthy mix of contrasting perspectives and backgrounds. These kinds of teams are more creative, faster to adapt and more inventive with their solutions. 

At ING we value inclusion and we encourage you to bring your whole self at work. 

Our strategy

The 70% principle: this principle strives for 30% difference in team make-up. We aim that no group or level will contain more than 70% of the same gender, nationality and age group. Of course, we realise this may not always be relevant or possible in every country or at every level. That’s why managers will have ultimate responsibility for building their teams and choosing the dimensions of diversity to focus on, while being guided by the 70% principle and our global priorities (gender, nationality and age group)

Diversity manifesto

Global Code of Conduct

The ING Global Code of Conduct builds on the values and behaviours in our Orange Code and links them to our policies, minimum standards and guidelines. It sets out the 10 principles for conduct we expect from our employees in their everyday activities. This includes the principle that every ING employee is entitled to a safe working environment. Fostering a safe working environment enhances employee engagement, improves wellbeing and creates a strong performance culture. ING does not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying, sexual or other forms of intimidation, aggression and violence.

Employee Networks

One of the many ways ING makes sure to include diversity is by creating networks. Networks ensure that everyone feels at home with us. These networks bring together like-minded people within ING who want to make a difference. We have 5 diversity networks in Belgium: Rainbow Lions, BEING, Lioness, Crossing and RING.

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