Customer Journey Expert

Customer Journey Expert

EB39A - L Card

Are you a project manager, a process manager, a business analyst or a product manager? Is there a marketeer or communication specialist lurking deep down inside of you? As a Customer Journey Expert you combine all of these roles in a single job. With the ultimate goal: to give our millions of customers the best possible experience, always and everywhere.

What does a Customer Journey Expert do?

Payments, Business, Omnichannel: all terms with which you will soon be completely familiar. What it all boils down to is focusing on specific banking affairs that our customers are engaged in on a day-to-day basis, together with your Tribe.

Contactless payment, for example. A new product for mid-corporate. A special credit card for students. A new convenient feature in our mobile app. It starts and ends with you. And what you develop here in Belgium will often be rolled out worldwide. That’s called having an impact.

You identify what our customers need, propose a solution, design a product and develop it together with your Tribe. What’s more, you will also have a say in how it will be marketed. End-to-end.

What qualifications do you need?

  • You have the combined skills of a product manager, channel manager and marketeer.

  • In your world, customers take centre stage. You are able to connect with them like no other, and identify with their world.

  • Digital, the Internet of things, AI: you know what’s hot and have a strong affinity with technology.

  • You work together with people from different disciplines, from a diversity of backgrounds. It broadens your perspective on the world and gives you new insights.

  • You must experiment and don’t mind incidental failure. After all, that’s what gets your creative juices flowing!

What do you like best?

  • Do concrete products and strong ties with IT make you happy? If so, the best fit for you is a Service Tribe. This is where products are created.

  • Or is multi-channel communication more your thing, from online to face-to-face? You will probably feel at home in a Channel Tribe immediately. Here, you will be co-developing new technologies for tomorrow’s channels.

  • Do you like to activate customers? Then a Segment Tribe might be just the ticket. Here you can create real waves in the market through your campaigns.

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