We turn data into insights and action

Turn data into insights and action. It’s the mission of Digital & Customer Interaction tribe. One that fits Expert Data Analyst Benny like a glove. “Every interaction with our clients is driven by data. And we believe that it should be easily accessible for everyone at the bank.”

We help you increase your campaign success rate

“What you do as a data analyst all depends on your tribe and squad. In my case it’s giving campaigns a higher chance of succeeding. Based on client data, the behaviour of so-called lookalikes and the results of previous campaigns we determine who we talk to about what and how we best reach them.

There is no such thing as “the” client. We make an assumption of what he or she thinks. Only nowadays, that assumption is driven by facts and behaviour you can measure instead of gut feeling. Your success rate is no longer just a matter of striking campaigns. Those days are over.”

But we do a whole lot more

“We also make sure that data is easily accessible and applicable for all colleagues. And that our data driven mindset really becomes an integral part of the ING DNA. By sharing what we know. Like every day you will receive a factbite. 

We are stimulated to do a lot of testing and love to share that knowledge and experience. The outcome of A-B-testing for instance. Or the impact of the word “new” on client conversion rates. What’s so great about factbites is that it only takes you two minutes to learn something new.”

Know what you’re sitting on

“A campaign that works well always gives me a good feeling. Especially when I helped with the targeting. You don’t have to be an algorithm expert. Knowing what data you are sitting on and how to critically interpret it is the most important thing.

I gained that knowledge about our data when I was working here in an operational role. Of course you can also rely on the support of IT and tools like SAS. And you need to love a challenge because GDPR doesn’t make our job any easier.” 

Variation and freedom

“Analysing data is never the same. You solve the most diverse questions for many stakeholders in IT and sales. And you are stimulated to broaden your horizon in different squads every three years. Which also guarantees continuity of knowledge within the organisation.

The nicest thing is that I can do my job in complete freedom. And that I can share my ideas with anyone. They ask me for an analysis but how I do it, is entirely up to me. Of course, within a uniform framework, which is more efficient.”

Human and innovative

I wrote in my application letter that I wanted to help build that strong ING brand. Which is both human and innovative. Just think about how progressive our Lion Account was and still is. ING gave me an opportunity and I feel that every day, I bring added value.

Even as an athlete. We participated in the olympic triathlon of Lanzarote with a number of colleagues. Under the guidance of a top coach and nutritionist. Just one example of how ING truly cares for us.

About Benny

  • Studied Communication Science and Marketing
  • Started in ING Operations in Gent in 2012
  • Became a Campaign Designer in Brussel in 2015
  • Switched to a Data Analyst in 2018
  • Participated in the olympische triathlon in Lanzarote in 2018
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