Our customer coaches are still there for our clients!

Helping clients is Serlane’s biggest passion. Even when she has to do it in a completely different way. Her mornings at the branch look quite different from before!

How has your job as a Customer Coach changed?

Normally, we all  work at the branch, but now it’s just two of us there in the morning. The rest of the day we work from home. At the office, we see clients who need help face-to-face, for example, with card problems or for big transactions. They have to book an appointment, because we can only see six people a day. Our focus is not only on helping clients now, we also spend a lot of time disinfecting the office. That’s a whole new aspect of our job.

In the afternoon, we answer calls and emails from home. With this way of working, I can still do everything I did before. It’s a different way of working, but it doesn’t feel any different. As long as I can help people and make sure they're happy, my mission is accomplished!

It’s a different way of working, but it doesn’t feel any different. As long as I can help people and make sure they're happy, my mission is accomplished!

What are the challenges of this new way of working?

It’s kind of hard to have to disappoint people when we’re fully booked or when they walk into the branch without an appointment. Luckily, we can refer them to our Customer Loyalty Teams. Most people are very understanding, especially when we tell them the teams are available until 10 p.m.

The app, home banking and especially our Customer Loyalty teams, those are the three things that make ING stronger than ever at the moment. I’m so grateful for my colleagues in the Customer Loyalty team. They really take the weight off our shoulders at the moment.

Do people have different questions than before?

We obviously get more questions about the app and home banking. Customers who still had doubts to use home or mobile banking have now started to use them. All it takes is a little bit of help to get started and then they are usually enthusiastic about it. Also because it means that they can stay safely at home and take care of their bank affairs.

How does it feel to go to the office?

We take all necessary precautions to protect ourselves and our clients, so I feel quite safe. However, it does feel a bit weird to receive people at a long table, with plexiglass and mouth masks between us. I don’t think I will ever be able to touch someone’s card or phone completely carefree again. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I actually like that we’re more conscious about hygiene. Less people would get ill in general, if we paid more  attention to it.

How has the contact with your colleagues been?

We’ve always been a great team, but I feel even more supported now. We keep in touch with weekly calls on Skype. It’s nicer to all be together at the office, but working in pairs also has its charms. It has given me the chance to get to know my colleague much better! I’m so proud of my colleagues, our managers and the whole of ING. Everyone is so helpful and grateful. I hope we can still feel that after all this is over.

What’s your ultimate tip for other people at home?

Don’t be too hard on yourself! Don’t feel bad about sitting on the couch because other people are running marathons all of a sudden. Just do what you feel like doing. The situation is challenging enough as it is!

About Serlane

  • Has been a Customer Coach at ING for 2 years
  • Studied graphic design, but decided to keep it as a hobby after graduating and has never regretted her switch to banking.
  • In her free time, she likes joining her boyfriend's motocross races.
  • Now that she can’t go outside, she spends her time decorating her new home and cooking, her new favourite hobby!
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