They gave me the time I needed to learn my job.

How to describe Benoît? Calm, careful and charming. With a warm heart for people and society. ”Banks do not only care about making money. We help customers in difficulties. It’s our social responsibility.”

What is the main purpose of your role?

I provide support to customers in difficulties. Our main goal is to offer a win-win solution, where the customer can continue its activities despite its payment difficulties. And where ING tries to balance its risk position. That makes each case challenging, and my job very exciting.

What makes you love working in Risk at ING?

First of all, our impact. Banks do not only care about making money. We also have an important social responsibility. For example, by helping companies in difficulties, we help avoid bankruptcies. This has a direct impact on the economy and employment as well.

I also love the fact that we are in constant change and movement. Although I have to admit that it can be challenging and exciting at the same time. And you can develop continuously by learning from colleagues. That works both ways. You also share your knowledge with others. Even outside the bank.

How would you describe the culture at ING?

Our orange behaviours are everywhere. We are open, forward looking, supportive, diverse and inclusive. That means we help each other out and take care of each other. That we share feedback and help each other grow.

We work as a team and celebrate successes together. But we each take our responsibilities. For example, I know what my goals are. How I reach them is entirely up to me. It is my choice and my freedom to organise my day-to-day work in accordance with our priorities.

Is it easy to grow at ING?

When I joined, I got a very warm welcome from managers and colleagues. They really helped me to discover the function and to get the right skills. They gave me the time I needed to learn my job. Which is important when you start in a new environment. For everyone. You need time to settle in.

And ever since, I had many opportunities to change direction, both horizontally and vertically. There is this huge training platform where I can pick from to develop my hard and soft skills. And as a team, we receive and give a lot of support and feedback. For exampke we regularly share successes and lessons learned.

Benoît's 3 reasons for joining Risk at ING

  • We are a human company with a strong and positive culture
  • Every day, we collaborate with motivated people and help each other to be better at what we do
  • We work in a challenging and dynamic environment, where you have the freedom to grow in any direction you want.
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