My advice to people? Do what you love.

Lara, Circle Lead and former trainee, shares why the International Talent Programme was the perfect fit for her. And for you.

I recommend this programme to everyone. And no, nobody asked me to say this. I truly believe it’s the perfect way to find out what you love. To grow and show your skills. It leads to new chances and opportunities. Every day. You just have to go for it.

Graduated. Now what?

When I graduated, I didn’t know what to do. I studied business administration and have a masters degree in economics. So I knew a little bit of everything and a little bit of nothing. I was a generalist but not an expert.

Most of the talent programmes out there require a level of expertise or have a fixed career path. Except for the ones at ING. I was able to do several rotations in the retail track, take on different challenges. That sounded like a perfect fit for me. And it was.

I used to be a professional basketball player. Here I found the same kind of team spirit.

You don’t need a passion for banking

“You don’t seem to have a passion for banking.” People often tell me that. And it’s true. But I do have a passion for the ING culture. I used to be a professional basketball player. Here I found the same kind of team spirit. Reaching goals together. Always forward.

And along the way, by taking on different assignments, you discover new things. Also about yourself. Some make you an expert in a particular aspect of banking. But I love the fact that I also learned a lot that can work in any line of business. Like which colour a button should be.

About Lara

  • Studied Business Administration and has a master's degree in Economics
  • Is a former professional basketball player
  • Completed the International Talent Programme - Retail track
  • Took on the role of Circle Lead in Client Services
  • Her advice to people: do what you love
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