Private banking will continue to grow in the coming years.

What is your role within private banking at ING?

In short, I help realise the strong growth ambitions ING has for private banking. Everything revolves around the client. How can we meet their needs, today and in the future? What’s in their best interest? How can we maximise our impact on their lives?

It all starts with connecting with our clients. I regularly join our private bankers during their visits. Knowing what they need helps set our private banking strategy. First of all for the region I’m responsible for, but also for the entire country. I often meet up with my peers to share insights and ideas.

Is it a solitary job?

Not at all. It’s my nature to be close to people, to stand among the private bankers, not above them. It fits with our culture where we keep our lines of communication short and direct. When you join ING, you become a member of a great orange family, always willing to help each other.

That goes for everyone we work with: peers, team leads, private bankers, economists, wealth analyst & planner, portfolio managers, investment experts, business bankers, sales and service officer etc. We all work towards the same goal, in the best interest of the client.

How important are numbers in your job?

Extremely. I meticulously check the numbers of my region. After all, we are a commercial organisation and we’re ambitious. So I monitor how we are doing and where we need to take action. Not to reprimand people in the team. We all have the same purpose and take our responsibilities.

The sales numbers help me to identify opportunities and needs, for example needs for coaching and support. We each have our individual goals but we achieve them as a team and support each other. This is how we work.

What can you tell us about the learning culture?

Your personal learning curve is quite steep. This goes from training programmes and mentorships to learning on the job and learning from colleagues. But we also want to grow as a team. This is a topic that we often discuss with my team leads.

ING offers a lot of opportunities. For example, I didn’t have a background in private banking. Still, they requested me to join the Private Banking team. The fact that I worked in business banking instead of private banking was seen as an asset. This is what makes us unique, private and business banking go hand in hand.

What makes you proud to work here?

I love being part of our growth story. It offers a lot of opportunities for people. And I’m proud of the nice team we were able to build. People who share the same purpose, who welcome new people, even if they come with a different background. We welcome them with open arms.

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