It's all about taking time and being curious.

What is your main role as a private banker?

A private banker guides customers through their lives financially. Our job is to act as a trusted advisor to identify customers' assets and advise them on how to increase returns. That’s how we create impact and peace of mind.

Above all, this is a métier that revolves around empathy, building relationships and being proactive. Our part is to make everything simple, effective and accessible. And accessible means being reachable and available to your clients, knowing their track record and knowing what they are doing.

Is it a solitary job?

One of the great things about ING is that you get to work closely with various experts. We consult a lot and there is a very open and dynamic atmosphere. That’s a big advantage for our clients but also for you as a private banker. You grow your expertise on many levels.

You see, it's a demanding job that requires a lot of commitment, but you get a lot of flexibility in return and your balance with your private life is very interesting and enjoyable. I love the diversity I experience every day. And I've always enjoyed the sociability and the open culture you feel at ING.

How important are numbers in your job?

We obviously have targets that are ambitious and an important part of your job. You need good knowledge of banking and a technical base. You need to be able to make and interpret financial analyses, for example.

ING stands out in terms of quality and the many areas of expertise we offer. We also work closely together with portfolio managers who manage investments on behalf of our clients. And we can rely on our investment office and economists to get that full picture to offer the best service we can.

Is there also a learning culture?

You learn a lot from your colleagues, you participate in conferences and do a lot of networking in our region. And I know from experience that ING is the company that sends the most private bankers to Private Bankers Association training courses every year.

But it’s also a matter of taking your career into your own hands. You get a lot of freedom in your job. You need to be curious and able to work autonomously to turn that financial knowledge into advice and be commercially successful.

What makes you proud to work in private banking at ING?

I really like to be part of a business that wants to grow. Private banking is a key focus for ING. And you are an important part of your clients' lives. You sometimes end up in situations involving family interests. If you succeed in helping them untangle those knots, it gives you extra satisfaction.

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