Wholesale Banking traineeship

Wholesale Banking traineeship

Kick-start a dynamic career

ING’s Wholesale Banking traineeship prepares talented graduates for a future role in the dynamic area of corporate banking. We will help you make the best of your abilities and provide you with feedback and support.

This track can lead you into a management role; positions that bring together various aspects of ING’s expertise to offer corporate customers structured deals. The experience and skills set you gain during your traineeship at ING will come in useful when managing your own career, motivating your team and dealing with clients. This track represents a real kick-start to your career within Wholesale Banking. Right from day one, you’ll be given a lot of responsibility and develop a wide range of knowledge and skills. You’ll gain valuable insights that will enable you to act decisively at all times and anticipate future developments. The Wholesale Banking traineeship requires very strong analytical skills. You’ll be working in a highly deal-driven environment and that has a significant impact on how your close-knit team operates.


An express route to the top of Wholesale Banking

Do you hold a master’s degree, preferably in economics, finance, business administration, investment or engineering? Do you want to make a contribution that will be rewarding, add value and get the recognition you deserve? Does the challenging and dynamic world of Wholesale Banking appeal to you? If you are prepared to invest in yourself and your career and are keen to learn a lot in a short space of time, both about yourself and your specialist area, then this traineeship is for you!

Make a real difference as a trainee

As a trainee, you like to take the initiative, you are eager to learn and to take a proactive, entrepreneurial approach, not only at the start but for the entire duration of your traineeship. We encourage you to develop, and share, your own vision.

Before you can offer customers integral solutions, you must understand their core business. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to perform multiple analyses to set you up to provide top-notch service to our clients.

Your first rotation: the fundamentals of Wholesale Banking

Your talent manager will decide on your first rotation with you. Your first rotation will introduce you to the core business of Wholesale Banking. You will gain insights into customers and products groups, and into the procedures involved in arranging customer loans. You might work as an Assistant Relationship Manager or as a Junior Associate Loan Syndications, for instance.

Your second rotation: honing your analytical skills

During your first rotation, you will develop skills, a network and a broad understanding of what Wholesale Banking in ING in Belgium does, which will help you to choose your second rotation. We encourage you to broaden your scope and develop skills in the products and segments.

A third rotation of 3 to 6 months abroad

During your third rotation, you have the opportunity to join the daily life of a Wholesale Banking team abroad.

Former trainees already went to the US, the UK, Singapore, France, Germany, Italy, Zwitserland, Luxembourg, etc.

One of your rotations can be done in a different track, to give you the opportunity to experience and make impact on our clients, products or processes from a different angle. For example: as an Operations & Change or Retail Banking trainee you can get Analytics experience, or as a Risk trainee you can get a better understanding of our Wholesale Banking business. The possibilities are endless.

Your first permanent job: specializing in your own area

In your first permanent job, you enhance your knowledge and hone your skills. You can choose to specialize as an Analyst within Capital Structuring & Advisory, for example.

Shape your own career

These roles are just a handful of examples to illustrate the possible direction your career could take within ING. You’re in charge of your own career path. We offer you the opportunities, the tools and the facilities, but it’s up to you to use them effectively to make your traineeship a success.

General and specialized training courses

The point of being a trainee is to learn a lot, and we offer you every opportunity to do so. Regardless of their chosen track within the ING International Talent Programme, all of our trainees attend the Global Learning Events where they learn about Core Banking (such as the role of a bank, the balance sheet, bank funding, IT processes, risk management, etc). Needless to say, this training also pays attention to softer skills such as Business Partnering/Stakeholder Management and presentation techniques.

In addition, the Wholesale Banking track includes specialized training courses such as CFA I + II, ING Value Chain and the Value Chain of WB Lending, Asset and Liability Management Basics, Documentation of Deals, Transaction Services, FM Products and Cross-selling and Compliance.


All available positions in this track of the ITP are now filled. Please note that you can no longer apply for a position in this track.

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