Your journey

Your journey

Let’s start at the very beginning.
What can you expect and when can you expect it?

Eighteen months to discover all the ins and outs of the banking world. To get to know branches and colleagues, in Belgium and abroad. To further develop your talents, together with your personal Talent Manager. And to discover where your future at ING will lie.

The below timeline shows an overview of the ITP program under normal circumstances as of October 2022..


How do we get to know each other? It's easy!

As a first step, we would be delighted to receive your CV and cover letter which you can easily submit online.  We will then ask you to complete some online tests to give us a better understanding of your key skills before we invite you to an interview with HR.

The last stage, with a group of senior ING managers, will focus on getting to know you better. In this part of the process, you will have the opportunity to share your skills and ask any burning questions to your potential future manager.

We commit to giving you feedback if you are not selected to move forward at any stage in the process. 


We are ready for your local onboarding. During this process, we will support you in defining the course you will take and your growth plan. Your talent manager will help you from Day 1, to get ready for your first rotation and will support you along the way.

I am Amsterdam / Inspire event

You are invited to an event with all the trainees from around the world who are starting at the same time. During this event you will learn a lot, not only about the programme, ING strategies and culture but also about the products. We guarantee two weeks of fun, inspiration and networking!

Rotation 1

You will be given responsibilities from your first rotation onwards, but don’t worry: you will be surrounded by supportive teammates, managers and your talent manager. The objective of the first rotation is to develop technical banking knowledge, experience, culture and mindset.

Rotation 2

During your second rotation, you will have the chance to discover a new field of expertise. Your network will expand, your responsibilities will gradually increase and you will continue to be supported by fun and friendly colleagues (these include your manager and talent manager 😊). During this rotation, you will also gain greater insight into how and where your career at ING can develop.

International assignment

Three to six months abroad, where you will be managing a project at one of our international branches.

Permanent job

After your return, you will complete your ITP and be given a permanent job in Belgium.

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