Like it was designed for me.

Ivory Coast. Canada. France. Belgium. Laurine, ITP trainee in wholesale banking, is an International Talent Programme all on her own.

Wholesale banking is exactly everything I studied for. The international aspect allows me to meet more people and cultures. This will open so many doors for the future. And everyone values your opinion. They expect you to challenge them. That helps you become the best version of yourself.

Your network keeps expanding rapidly. Also internationally.

Connect and make it happen

You get to take on different roles and discover what it is you really want to do. And with every project and assignment, you meet new people. Your network keeps expanding rapidly. Also internationally.

During the track, you learn from other people. But you mostly learn about autonomy. You have to make it happen. Everyone else will help you. And the company funds your CFA exams, absolutely helpful to enrich your knowledge in expertise fields such as corporate finance and portfolio management.

About Laurine

  • Born in Ivory Coast.
  • Bachelor in Business and Administration, major in Finance.
  • Master degree in Corporate Finance and Banking, with Structured Finance certification.
  • Joined the International Talent Programme in 2018.
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