The most logical choice. Especially if you want to see a lot of the bank first.

Marianne is inquisitive, eager to learn and likes to keep her options open. The ideal mix for the retail track in the International Talent Programme. "Everyone here is very open, spontaneous, eager to learn and enthusiastic. All of them are explorers like me."

Had you decided early on that you would work for a bank?

I was open to a lot of things. After my law degree, I did an additional year of general management at Vlerick business school. I wanted to keep my options as open as possible and definitely did not want to go into the legal profession. In my final year, I started applying for jobs so that I could explore the market a bit.

But due to corona, all of the job applications were suddenly put on hold. Until ING contacted me. They asked if I might be interested in the International Talent Programme. I’d never heard of it. But the description given by the eloquent woman in HR made me instantly enthusiastic. I said yes.

You chose the retail track. Why?

It just seemed to be the most logical choice. Especially if you’re not 100% sure what you want to do and you want to see a lot of the bank first. With this track, you can still go in any direction. Sales, innovation, sustainability, projects in product tribes, on customer knowledge, etc.

Three rotations in 18 months are ideal for that. At first, I worked on self-employed people and micro entities. Then I did sales for large companies in real estate. And now I am coming to the end of a rotation that’s all about sustainability, which is something I'm passionate about.

So, would you like to continue working in sustainability?

Either way, it has been very informative. I was allowed to put together a programme of guest speakers to promote it internally. And, working alongside the Dutch office, I drafted a business case for a training course on sustainability for all employees in the Netherlands and Belgium. Now we just need to find a budget. But that will be my successors’ job.

Sales might suit me even better. Being on the road, making contacts, defending customer cases for the credit committee, etc. People put a lot of faith in you because it often involves a lot of money. But you are certainly not left to your own devices. I can always count on my colleagues and my mentor.

Looking back, what are your impressions of that first year and a half?

You are really challenged intellectually. The most important things are a good dose of bravery and a will to learn. You take on a lot of things. If you are a hesitant person, you won't really fit in here. And the people you meet along the way are always happy to help you.

What’s more, I thought I would only meet financial professionals here. But that’s not the case. You meet people with the most diverse backgrounds. They are all very open and spontaneous. Very eager to learn and full of enthusiasm. Practically explorers.

About Marianne

  • She studied economic and private law
  • She did a general management course at Vlerick business school
  • She is starting a permanent position as Mid-Corporates Relationship Manager in Antwerp
  • She loves dancing bachata with her boyfriend and walking with colleagues
  • She is a big fan of the many ING initiatives on diversity, voluntary work, sport, etc.
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