When I feel a little scared, I know I’m good.

As a kid, I always wanted to become a bank manager. You know, feet on the desk, holding a cigar, and a big belly from all that dining with customers. But I discovered that I don’t like cigars, so yeah ... No, just kidding! I am ambitious and the International Talent Programme (ITP) is the ideal way to start building a nice career.” About a year ago, Simon joined the Finance track of the International Talent Programme at ING.

Why did you choose the ITP?

“I want to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can in a dynamic and international environment. The programme takes four years and consists of different rotations. That’s how you get to know the bank inside out. And you get the freedom to explore what your personal preference is. That’s great because you might not be sure yet what that is when you graduate.”

You current rotation is in Treasury. Why that choice?

“You discover how ING is linked to the financial markets and come across very interesting people and visions. You make sure there is a healthy balance between risk and return. You ensure that you have plenty of cash but never too much. I consider treasury as an important building stone of my future.”

Sounds like you are not afraid to jump.

“I love challenges and I set high standards for myself. When I go for something new and I feel a little scared, I know I’m good. And when I start to get a handle on things, I raise the bar again. The rotations in this programme and the steep learning curve make this program really interesting.”

Why do you like working at ING?

I think the number one asset is the international environment. When I was a student, I went on Erasmus and also did summer school abroad. And without corona I would be in New York right now. Luckily I can still work remotely with the Netherlands and the US.”

What brings your future? CFO?

“Haha, or CEO … No, I mainly want to grow and create impact here. Hopefully also abroad. To return after ten years and start something that takes me out of my comfort zone. Maybe even that triathlon that ING guides you with.”

About Simon

  • Studied Applied Economics in Ghent
  • Went on Erasmus in Berlin, was a trainee in Bologna and did summer school in Utrecht
  • Specialised in Corporate Finance, Accountancy and Taxation
  • Joined the International Talent Program in 2019
  • Loves sports, sleeping, studying and relaxing with friends
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