For 20 years, we have been taking on challenges and proving that we are a trustworthy partner to support ING in its digital transformation. 

We are the invisible heroes providing critical - and often unnoticed - services. We also protect banking customers' money and create the future of banking.

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Who are we?

Experts working as a team, supporting and learning from each other. We are part of the global ING group, for which we provide comprehensive IT and operational services. The trust we have gained allows us to build a unique expert position - both at ING and on the labour market.

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Home Block 2: Development opportunities

At ING Hubs Poland we focus on professional development. This allows us to work in a technologically and area-diversified environment, and thanks to experience and cooperation we provide high-quaility services. Find out in which areas you can work and spread your wings!

Our areas

Home Block 3: Where you can meet us?

Where you can meet us?

At ING we value diversity, relationships and knowledge. We believe that every person is made up of a unique story and passion for doing what you like. We would love to get to know you better at one of the many events we participate in or organise ourselves! Check out where you can meet us.


Our awards

The awards and recognitions we received are the result of the work of many people, without whom success would not be possible. We are constantly striving to build a place where employees feel good, can develop and where technology is used in the best, and sometimes even non-obvious way. Each award is a great motivation for us to reach higher, so this is not our last word!

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