Summer Internship Experience

Summer Internship Experience

Are you a student or graduate up to two years from graduation? Would you like to take the first step in your career and gain valuable experience in the IT or operational services field at ING Hubs Poland? If so, join our Summer Internship Experience program!

What do we offer?

  • Fully paid, 3-month internship during summer vacation (July, August, September)
  • Friendly environment and support from colleagues
  • Full commitment to help you adapt to your responsibilities
  • A series of training courses to help you to further build your career
  • Flexible working hours and hybrid working model
  • Opportunity to establish long-term cooperation

    Summer Internship Experience recruitment process

    Prepare your CV and apply

    We look forward to getting to know you! Your CV will be essential for this. Before you send it, please remember to:

    • update all personal data in your application documents so that we can contact you without problems,
    • describe in detail your skills, education, possible work experience/private projects/interests,
    • include your consent for future recruitment processes. This will ensure that you receive job offers from us for positions that may interest you in the future,
    • read the document on the processing of personal data and the information for reference providers.
    • Is your CV ready now? If so, apply for the position of your choice.

    CV review and phone screening

    Your CV will be verified by the Recruitment team and a manager.

    Once you have successfully passed the CV review, we will call you to ask you some questions and possibly schedule you for an interview.

    Recruitment interview

    Let's meet for a 30-minute interview where we get to know each other better. During
    the interview, we will examine your soft skills, as well as your level of English and your potential and willingness to develop in each area. This is also the time when you can get to know us better - don't hesitate to ask us questions! We will do our best to answer them all.

    We make the decision

    We know that time and feedback are important to candidates, so we shorten our
    recruitment process to a minimum. Furthermore, we come back immediately with
    feedback on the completion of the recruitment process.

    In the case of a positive decision, we will call you and make you an offer of an internship. In the case of a negative decision, you will receive feedback from us by email.

    Welcome to

    Summer Internship Experience at ING Hubs Poland!

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