Ambassador Programme at ING
Hubs Poland

Ambassador Programme at ING Hubs Poland

Ambassador Programme at ING Hubs Poland is a unique opportunity to get to know the company from the inside, establish business contacts and gain professional experience while still studying.

What does the ING Hubs Poland Ambassador do?

The role of the Ambassador is to support the image and recruitment activities of ING Hubs Poland in the academic environment and in social media.

ING Hubs Poland Ambassadors:


a positive image of the company in social media


the company in the academic environment and during events


the academic and business world


any ideas and initiatives


the company's recruitment offer to students and graduates

For who is our Ambassador Programme?

Ambassador Program is addressed to creative and engaged students that for whom networking skills and the ins and outs of social media are no strangers.

If you are a student of one of the universities below:

  • University of Silesia in Katowice
  • Silesian University of Technology
  • University of Economics in Katowice
  • University of Warsaw
  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

This offer is just for you!

We offer

  • 8 months (October-June) during which you can gain unique experience;
  • Ambassador's scholarship;
  • Access to trainings and workshops conducted by ING Hubs Poland trainers;
  • Real impact on brand building;
  • Unique entry in your CV;
  • Cyclical meetings for a group of Ambassadors;
  • Welcome package incl. tablet for the time of being the Ambassador;
  • Special bonuses for the most ambitious Programme participants.

Meet our Ambassadors in 2023/2024

Would you like to join Ambassador Program in ING Hubs Poland?

Nothing easier! We open recruitment every spring. Send us your CV so we can get to know you better! We will choose applications we are interested in and contact candidates to explore their motivations and experience in the academic environment.

In the second stage of the recruitment process, you will meet with the project coordinator – a representative of the Employer Branding and Diversity & Inclusion team. During the meeting we will verify the possibility of cooperation and tell more about the role of the Ambassador.

Sounds interesting?

Apply now!

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