IT traineeship

Kick-start your career at Europe’s biggest online bank and one of the biggest IT companies in the Netherlands.

ING is not only the largest online bank in the whole of Europe, but also one of the biggest employers of IT professionals in the Netherlands. We are in the midst of a revolutionary transformation from a traditional bank info an IT company with a banking licence. We’re leading the way in terms of mobile applications based on various operating systems. The large majority of our customer contact takes place online. ING has over 5.6 million online banking customers. Every day, around 1.2 million customers log in to ‘Mijn ING’ and approximately 145,000 transactions are performed. There are currently 2.6 million users of the ING mobile banking app, and between them they generate 2.2 million unique login sessions via the app every day.

Today’s IT decisions influence how our company will look in five years’ time. That’s why we invest not only in things like DBaaS, APIs and cloud solutions, but also innovative fintech initiatives and other start-ups. We implement the very best IT solutions and develop our own software. We do much of our work in line with the continuous delivery method and in DevOps teams. We are working on very complex material in a global world, which makes working in IT at ING even more challenging and exciting.

The IT traineeship: use your talents to the fullest

IT is the beating heart of ING. It touches every aspect of the bank and forms the basis for many of our innovations. As a result, you will learn about lots of those aspects and parts of the bank as an IT trainee. ING’s IT traineeship prepares high potentials for a future role as a Development Engineer, (Cyber) Security Specialist or IT Chapter Lead, for example. The exact route you take depends on your preferences and how you want to make use of your competencies in the future, but there’s no question that you will learn a huge amount and have every opportunity to use your talents to the fullest.

Your first assignment: the IT basics

Your talent manager helps you to choose your first assignment (‘rotation’), which lasts for six months. You set to work on a concrete IT-related challenge.

Just some examples of assignments include:

  • Setting to work as a back-end developer for one of ING’s ‘internal start-ups’.
  • Working on the front-end development of ING’s mobile banking app.
  • Creating and automating various scenarios that are used to measure the impact of potential cyber security attacks.

During your first rotation you also work together with fellow trainees on a group assignment. This gives you another opportunity to expand your network within ING, fine-tune your stakeholder management skills and learn more about yourself.

Your second assignment: the chance to work abroad

It’s up to you to arrange your second assignment. Now it’s a matter of using your network and your own initiative. Many of our trainees take this opportunity to spend six months gaining international experience, such as by working in Bucharest, Manila or Katowice

Your second year as a trainee: furthering your development in a permanent role

In your first permanent role, which lasts approximately two years, you will enhance your knowledge and hone your skills. You gain valuable experience as a DevOps Engineer, Python Developer, Enterprise Architect or Security Specialist, for example. You will be involved in tackling very substantial and complex IT challenges.

Global events

The point of being a trainee is to learn a lot, and we offer you every opportunity to do so... such as during our global events. These are attended by all trainees – across all tracks – from around the world. The training events are very intensive. They last for two whole weeks, including the weekends. You work on core banking skills and personal skills as well as knowledge that you need for your specific track: IT.

More training opportunities

What do you need in order to grow? Your manager helps you to decide which kind of training you need. The opportunities include personal development and competency development, as well as training courses related to finance, data or technology. Another important focus of the IT traineeship is the development of your leadership skills. Besides that, you attend Engineering Skills training every year, with the freedom to choose which programming language, technological knowledge or platform knowledge you need in your rotation or role.

One Way of Working, taking everyone’s talent into account

For the past few years, ING has been working in line with the ‘One Way of Working’: agile methodology and in self-managing teams. That enables us to get things done for our customers quickly, and to offer our employees challenging work with lots of autonomy. The self-managing teams are solely responsible for achieving their team objectives, from start to finish. Collaboration, helping one another to improve and continuous innovation are all key aspects of this way of working. The hierarchy is much flatter than in teams organised along traditional lines; everyone’s contribution based on their own expertise and experience is recognised and appreciated. At ING, we use our people’s talents as our starting point and are firmly convinced that team diversity is essential to our strategic success.

Help to build a new type of bank

Are you keen to join a company with a real engineering culture? To work with the best of the best people and state-of-the-art software? And to continuously contribute to IT-related innovations to enable us to offer our customers better, faster and more efficient service? In other words: are you keen to help us build a new type of bank? If so, the IT traineeship at ING is ideal for you!


Choose the IT traineeship at ING and allow your talent to flourish. Apply for the vacancy of IT trainee and convince us of your potential. If you’re successful you’ll be invited to take an online assessment, which is step 2 of the selection procedure for the International Talent Programme.

You can find detailed information about the application and selection procedure here.

We can only accept complete applications, i.e. your CV and (provisional) transcripts of your bachelor and MSc grades at university level. It’s not necessary to upload a cover letter because you will be asked to answer questions about your motivation during the application process.

We will be holding two selection rounds for the starting date of 1 October 2020:


It’s currently not possible to apply for the traineeship starting in October anymore. After summer we will start with recruiting again for the April class in 2021. Do you have any questions in the meantime? Don’t hesitate to contact Adinda Lapré:

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