Progressive benefits

What’s the key to job satisfaction for you?

Every day, we’re working on digital innovations for ING’s 8.5 million customers. We are a bank with  data-driven ambitions. Times are rapidly changing and we want to became even more agile during this digital journey. We are doing this together with our employees. So when it comes to your job and the perks, what makes you happy?

At ING, our mission is to ‘empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business’ – not only our customers, but also our employees. In line with this, we offer a unique – and sometimes even surprising – benefits package.


An attractive salary

You get an attractive gross salary, depending on your job category and professional experience. The fixed salary consists of the following components (base for pension accrual)

  • Base salary (36 hour week)
  • Thirteenth-month
  • Holiday allowance: 8% of the monthly salary
  • Individual savings contribution (BIS): 3,5% of your personal monthly salary (no base for pension accrual)

The benefits budget

The Benefits Budget gives you control over part of your employment conditions. Each month you receive a Benefits Budget equal to roughly 20% of your monthly salary. This includes the 13th month bonus, holiday allowance and Individual Savings Contribution (BIS).

You can spend this budget each month via the My Benefits Budget-platform. If the employee makes no selection, the budget will be paid out with your monthly salary.

Via the Benefits Budget portal employees have options available:

  • Sell leave hours
  • Buy leave hours
  • Reserve budget (once only or monthly)
  • Bicycle for commuting to and from work (tax benefits)
  • Trade union membership (tax benefits)
  • International school fee (in specific Foreign Local cases)

Pension scheme

ING has their own ING CDC pension fund with a target retirement age of 67 years. The defined contribution scheme is based on the Dutch Pension Act and both ING and employees pay the pension contribution.

  • Total pension premium 2022 & 2023 = 30,5%
  • Employee own contribution 2022 & 2023 = 7,5%
  • If you earn more than € 128,810: with a monthly Individual Savings Allowance (TIS) you can save for extra (pension) entitlements yourself

Mobility card

You decide how you travel to the office. The Mobility Card offers many options: travel by bicycle, train, shared car, shared scooter or private car. In the app you arrange your transport and register your commute and business trips.

In addition to the Mobility Card you can also lease a bicycle with a tax benefit.

Lease car

You may apply for a lease car if you are covered by the ING CLA and in addition you must also comply with one of the following three criteria: 

  • You are classified in salary scale 13 or higher
  • You drive at lease 12,500 business-related kilometers each year
  • You drive at least 8,000 business-related kilometres each year and drive at least 10 days a month or use the car for at least 15 business-related visits

    More detail

    Job grade Maximum
    Up to and including job grade 13 800
    Job grade 14 900
    Job grade 15 960

    Holiday leave days

    With us you get plenty of time to recharge yourself.

    Holiday hours

    194.4 paid holiday hours a year based on an average 36-hour working week (216 for 40 hours).

    Collective days off

    Two collective days off per year are agreed in the collective labor agreement.

    Public holidays

    • New year’s day (Monday 1 January 2024)
    • Easter Sunday and Easter Monday (Sunday 31 march – Monday 1 April 2024)
    • The King’s Birthday (Saturday 27 April 2024)
    • Liberation Day (Sunday 5 may 2024 – collective day off Wednesday 1 May)
    • Ascensions Day (Thursday 9 may 2024)
    • Whit Sunday and Whit Monday (Sunday 19 and Monday 20 May 2024)
    • Christmas Day and Boxing Day (Wednesday 25 – Thursday 26 December 2024)
    • Following Boxing Day also Friday 27 December 2024

    Your development

    As you get better at your job, your work becomes even more interesting and enjoyable. At ING, you take responsibility for your own personal development and your career path. It is only through continuous education and personal development that you will become the best version of yourself. And this is something we will be happy to support you with.

    My Learning

    If you know what you want to develop, you can find a suitable learning activity, preferably on our My Learning platform. Here you will find professional training, courses, videos, tests and training for your personal skills.

    The Learning Account

    ING likes to invest in your career and personal development. With The Learning Account we give you control and the budget (€375 per year) to make your own choices in improving your knowledge and skills.

    Home office webshop

    A healthy workplace is crucial, in the office but also at home. To make this possible the employee receives a budget once every five years to purchase home office items from the ING Home Office Web Shop at Coolblue. Total home office budget is 1,600 euros. Of this amount 1,000 is meant for setting up your workstation and 600 euros for a phone.

    We offer a fixed monthly compensation for the costs of internet and other working-from-home-costs of 45 euros.

    Tailored to your life

    At ING we understand the importance of a good work/life balance. This will keep you in control of your planning.

    Flexible working hours

    Want to start work earlier so that you can pick up the kids from school? Or would you prefer to adjust you working hours to the traffic? We try to offer the most flexible work schedules for the largest possible group of employees.

    Hybrid working: partly at home*, partly in the office

    Our employees come to our offices for collaboration, co-creation, socialising and networking and work from home to focus without distractions and business as usual.

    (* excluding CLT members and branch personnel)

    Diversity leave

    We give you 1.5 days of paid leave and 1.5 days of unpaid leave for ‘diversity days’ which you can use to celebrate occasions that are special to you, such as carnival, Sugar Feast or a Pride event.

    Maternity Leave

    24 weeks pregnancy and maternity leave, if you are expecting multiples: 28 weeks.

    Partner Leave

    ​Brand new parents who are not entitled to maternity leave 6 week's paid leave plus the option of taking 3 month’s unpaid leave immediately after that.

    Adoption Leave

    You can have up to 2 months paid leave. Even if you become a foster parent.

    Parental Leave

    It is possible to take parental leave until your child turns 13.

    Care Leave

    Do you need time to take care of a family member, housemate or friend: we offer a personnel scheme for care leave.

    And more

    • We offer tailor-made bereavement leave to find a new balance after a loss.
    • Personal leave for colleagues going into gender transition.
    • Two working days a year, colleagues can contribute to society as a volunteer.
    • Are you 60 or older? You can share your valuable knowledge and skills one day a week at a social organisation or educational institution while retaining your conditions of employment.


    Your health and well-being are our priority. To support you, we offer special options, such as:

    Health Check

    Wondering how you are doing mentally and physically? Once every two years you can have a Health Check done: an anonymous and free occupational health examination followed by advice that suits you. To limit or prevent complaints, so that you can continue to do your job healthy and fit.

    Health insurance

    Discount on supplementary medical insurance policies: ONVZ Health insurance (23%) and Jaaah Health insurance (10%).

    Hello health

    Online portal designed to assist with improving physical health with workouts, online fitness classes, fysio, work from home assist and Physical & Mental Health webinars.

    Fitness network

    We are working together with Bedrijfsfitness Nederland and its more than 3,700 fitness centres to ensure that you can exercise at a fitness centre near you.

    Other nice things

    Energy expertise

    ING is working towards a sustainable future. This is part of our ambition to help the world and society move forward. As an ING employee you can have a free 30-minute conversation with an energy expert from Woningschouw.

    Football, Culture and Music

    With our sponsorships, we want to make Football, Culture and Music accessible to a wide audience. To enable people to do what really makes them happy.

    Financial coaching

    A free, no-obligation appointment with an ING financial coach.
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