What are retail zones and regions?

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At ING, we speak in terms of ‘retail zones’ and ‘regions’. We distinguish four main zones in Belgium: east, west, center and south. Within these retail zones are the regions, such as Limburg, East Flanders, Brussels and Waver.

    How many bank offices does each region have?

    Generally speaking, there are around 4 offices in every region. Of course, that can vary: some may have 6, some only 3. Every region has both statutory and independent agent branches.

    All vacancies for the retail network on this website are for positions in the statutory branches.

    What is a Client House?

    A Client House is a bank office 2.0. A new branch concept where digital meets personal. Our clients can enjoy the modern, cozy atmosphere and a complete set of services. Questions regarding private banking, a business investment or a personal mortgage? ING Client Houses have all the expertise under the same roof.

    What is a Customer Coach?

    A Customer Coach welcomes visitors and helps them on their (digital) journey. Or puts them in contact with the right specialist for their question. The Customer Coach is the key figure of the branch.

    Where will I work as a Customer Coach?

    Most of our Customer Coaches don’t work in the same branch every day. Chances are you will switch between different locations within your region. On Monday you might have a meeting in branch A, on Tuesday your colleagues may need your help in branch B. That way you’re always using your time optimally.

    By the way: working in different branches is the best way to building a powerful network of co-workers who can help you with nearly anything. Did you pick up a new insight or method in one branch? Then you can bring that skill to every workspace you go.

    Where will I work as a financial advisor?

    At ING, we have many advisor-level jobs: business bankers, retail banker loans & investments, personal bankers, … Usually these financial experts are bound to one office and sporadically visit different offices according to the needs of their clients and co-workers. Not every office is open every day of the week. In the case that your fixed office is closed, you can also change locations.

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