We are agile. But what does that mean?

Agile: isn’t that something just for Netflix and IT people? Certainly not! ING Client Services has also opted for this new way of working. With ‘circles’ and ‘super circles’ and – even more important – Customer Loyalty Teams. But what does this mean in practice?

A single point of contact

All aspects of customers’ questions are handled by one and the same person. This ensures a more personal contact. Just like having an interview with your advisor at one of our branches.

Faster service

The employee will often be able to handle the question independently. This should shorten the timeframe allocated to answering questions and produce a jaw-dropping effect among our customers.


But it doesn’t stop here. After all, our people often set their sights far beyond just that one question. Things that the customer may not have given any thought can nevertheless be useful to him.


This is also something we monitor from close up. We will regularly ask customers for an assessment right after their telephone call.

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