Selection procedure

On the ING traineeship, there are eight tracks to choose from: Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking, Finance, Risk, Tech, HR, Analytics and Operations & Change, Business Banking.
Once you have an idea of which track suits you the best, the next step is to submit your application for the International Talent Programme (ITP). Simply apply online for a current trainee vacancy within the track of your choice to start the ball rolling. Your application marks the start of the selection procedure, which can last between four to eight weeks The actual traineeship programme starts in October 2024.

General outline of the selection procedure:

Step 1: Evaluation of your curriculum vitae, motivational questions and qualifications

We will carefully consider your CV and let you know whether or not you are invited to the next step of the selection procedure.

Step 2: Online Assessment

Step 2A: Do you suit the ING traineeship profile?

In the first test, we will assess your suitability for the role based on your responses to a series of decision-making scenarios that trainees are likely to encounter in the ING workplace. You are required to rate the effectiveness of a number of different responses to these scenarios, giving us insight into how well you are aligned with the ING culture.

Step 2B: Do you have the analytical capabilities?

In the second test you will find out how you process ideas and information:

  • your ability to understand, interpret and evaluate written information
  • your ability to understand, interpret and evaluate numerical data
  • your ability to understand sequences of patterns and relationships

Step 2C: Do you fit in the ING culture?

The third test measures your cultural fit within ING. The ING Orange code behaviours (take it on and make it happen, help others to be successful and stay a step ahead) are one of the indicators.

After completing each test you will hear within an hour whether you have been invited to the next test. Once you positively completed all the tests, you will be invited to the next round : the HR interview. This will be followed up by a feedback report containing useful tips regarding your further development.

Step 3: HR Interview

When you’ve passed the online assessment, we will invite you for an interview with a recruiter at ING. We are looking for trainees who have a specific mindset in line with the ING Orange Code, so our primary aim during the HR interview is to gain insight into your mindset.

The HR interviews are held in Brussels or via Microsoft Teams (for which you will receive an online link). Interviews are conducted in either Dutch, French or English. A few days after the HR interview, we will call you with feedback and let you know whether you are through to the next step of the selection procedure: the Business Panel Interview.

Step 4: Business Panel Interview

The final step in the selection procedure is the Business Panel. It is when you meet with two representatives of ING’s senior management, from your chosen track, plus the Talent Manager in charge of the programme. This is an opportunity to share and showcase your unique skills, talents, and to ask your burning questions.

When you successfully complete the Business Panel Interview, you will receive a job offer from ING and you can sign the official contract shortly afterwards.

Please make sure you have submitted all the required information: your CV and the (provisional) certificates for your Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

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